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I am now Fashion Director at Glamour magazine but following on from the success of my weekly column in the Sunday Times Style magazine I thought I would bring this page to life every week and also give you the chance to comment. This page is not for me to dictate what you should be wearing but to offer ideas on how to put wearable outfits together. Its not what you wear it's how you wear it!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Natalie Hartley Cycles.....

Triathlon training is underway, the running needs a slight polish but I need to get accomplished at the other two sections of the race....bring on the bike!
My training bike of choice comes from Tokyo Bikes....who doesn't want to work out and look cool! We wear the latest trainers so why not have the hottest bike to match!
These bikes are not technically race bikes, although you can get them adjusted to allow them to be used for a Triathlon, but these are great for everyday cycles to get you into the swing of it!
My challenge....cycling to work and weekend cycles

The shop is in Shoreditch and Neil Davies who founded the store talks me through my choices

The colours to choose from are amazing and so the first decision is which colour to pick! They all come with these amazing tan leather seats and handles and the paint work is slick in any colour
Not shown here but you will see my colour choice when it arrives!

The next more practical decision is the handle bar choice and the difference between the two options is basically am I looking to race or be able to add a bit of comfort to my ride

I choose comfort every time and the slightly higher handle bars suit me better so take it for a road test. Each bike has seven gear options and they bike is light and easy to use

Not only are the bikes cool but the headgear is too (safety first but it's also about style eh!)

Want to try something new?
Latest in protective gear is the 'blow up' helmet, designed to be charged, worn around the neck and on any impact it blows up around your head! Trust it? For £300 you bette hope so! But there is no price on safety and I think it's quite genius!

To get everyone in the mood for cycling I have also discover these new fun flexible laces for your trainers by Hickies. They are perfect for flexibility of the feet when cycling (and running as I have road tested them!) and this week you can WIN a box of your very own! Just retweet the blog or leave a comment to enter! Winner announced at the end of the week!

One more thing for those interested if anyone lives in London Tokyo bikes to daily cycle hires for £12 a day so if you just want to cruise around on something nicer than a Barclays Bike then head this way!


  1. Aren't they great?! They even stretch a little bit for people with wider feet. The amount of color choices doesn't hurt either :)

  2. The traditional bikes remind me of my recent trip to Amsterdam, they were everywhere!!!
    Good luck with the training!
    Hugs xoxo