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Friday, 4 July 2014

Triathlon Training, The Next Installment.....


So my big challenge when I started was to take up front crawl and this has been a big hurdle since the beginning.  I can swim don't get me wrong but everyone has been explaining how front crawl is a more effective and faster for the event.  Our recent trip to Tokyo got me swimming three times that week but purely because I could walk from my room to the pool and no effort was necessary.  But I can't do more than 2 lengths with front crawl, I just can't get the breathing right and the coordination of arms and breathing plus I feel like my body is a heavy weight and not gracefully cutting through the water!  I have taken drastic action and contacted Virgin Active for adult swimming lessons.  

This week was my first session and besides feeling a bit stupid using flippers and floats in the swimming pool the count down is on and commit to this challenge and learn the skill that got me into signing up for the Triathlon in the first place.  He starts with the basics and then we put it altogether for a final few lengths drowning as I swim he explains that actually practise makes perfect and I should be swimming four times a week!  Who has time for that I ask but I think with a month to go I have to make this happen so this weekend is spent swimming and the following and the following.  It's good to have a challenge to work towards its the only way to get fit and stop you feeling guilty when you still smoke!

For anyone grown up out there who fancies joining me and learning to swim properly contact Virgin Active gyms and get a personal trainer its well worth it and doesn't matter how old you are! 

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  1. Front crawl is definitely the way to go - I swim 2km of front crawl every morning to keep fit. I started having adult lessons & could hardly manage a length when I first started. Do persist, as once you master it you will love the feel of effortlessly gliding through the water.
    Good luck with the training Natalie!
    Hugs xoxo