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I am now Fashion Director at Glamour magazine but following on from the success of my weekly column in the Sunday Times Style magazine I thought I would bring this page to life every week and also give you the chance to comment. This page is not for me to dictate what you should be wearing but to offer ideas on how to put wearable outfits together. Its not what you wear it's how you wear it!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Natalie Hartley Runs....and crunches

This weekend I managed to get myself to Equinox gym for the afternoon and with the trainer David Warden (beware of anyone working out with him hardcore!) I started training on my stomach , or core as the fitness crew like to call it. Well I have no idea where my abs went over the years but have certainly re woken them after 17years! I have been banging on about how well i have been sleeping well since saturday I wake myself up to turn around in bed as am in agony!

But on with the show and as you can see below these are key exercises that I should be doing everyday to build up strength from the middle area which is apparently key to being a good runner, am learning new things everyday :))

The Plank

This involves lining your body as image 1 and lifting same leg and arm up in the air and alternating sides, about 12 in total....killer

The Side Lunge
This is self explanatory and you lunge and lean out to the side repeat about 12 times again...another killer

The Abs Plank

This is the finisher off hold yourself up on both ands bum down straight back lift and twist body on each side repeat 12 times...as I said the finisher off, the ultimate killer

Keep doing these everyday and work up to doing 50 a day and the core is complete!


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