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I am now Fashion Director at Glamour magazine but following on from the success of my weekly column in the Sunday Times Style magazine I thought I would bring this page to life every week and also give you the chance to comment. This page is not for me to dictate what you should be wearing but to offer ideas on how to put wearable outfits together. Its not what you wear it's how you wear it!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Natalie Hartley Runs....Day 1, San Francisco

Suddenly the marathon is upon me I have done hill running training over the beginning of the week an 8k run on Wednesday and been stretching a lot. Nothing strenuous enough to give me an injury but my main goal of the week was not to get ill. Hard to do when everyone is coughing and spluttering on the train or in the office I felt like I needed to wear a mask all week. but a lot of echinacea later I seem to have survived and have finally made it to San Francisco today! Flying with Virgin Upper class this was the start of a great experience! All I hope is that I can get through it without walking, this is my main goal of the run! Let's hope this training has paid off!



The travel outfit consisted of my Celine trainers and jeans a loose grey jumper by T by Wang and my second hand Dior coat loose and easy to throw over everything including my Nike running gear!


Advice for the flight drink, drink and drink (sadly water only), hydration is my friend today

Obviously had to fit in the cheese board (protein?!)
And some more cheese and salami (been told to stock up on carbs pre run, so this is my version of this!)


The flight into Sam Francisco


Can you see it in the distance?


This is the starting line for Sunday, the beginning of the end!




Not exactly what you want to see on arrival!

Arriving at The Clift hotel and let's hope this sunny weather stays for the weekend!


Thanks again for everyone's support!



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  1. Good Luck Natalie! Just do your best!

    XO Amie